Choose WIKO for the fittings for your stable in Brussels

For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

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Your address for barn fitting in Brussels

If you are planning to renovate your barn or want to build one, you could use some help with barn fitting in Brussels. Let De Wit Konstruktie (WIKO) assist you.
We supply products such as a solarium, washing area and training mill. But you have also come to the right place for barn hatches, outside doors, a saddleback or pent roof for your barn. You can choose from fixed models that are immediately available. But of course, we can also customise the products to your wishes in our own workshop so that they fit exactly what you want.


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Exterior doors and stable shutters

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Saddle locker as a solution to clutter in your stable in Brussels

Your stable may be full of products such as saddles and accessories. This is not nice because they can regularly get in the way during activities such as mucking out or be lost every so often. Chances are your horses will also notice if you are tense. And you want to prevent that. Fortunately, WIKO offers the ideal solution in the form of saddle boxes. Naturally, you can store a saddle in them, but that’s not all. You can also use this cupboard for smaller accessories such as buckets or brushes. In addition, the cupboard can be locked. So you can be sure that your saddle is in the right place and that no one else can get to it. Should you wish to move the cabinet: the option of adding wheels makes this possible.

A solarium for your horse’s recovery

Does your horse often perform strenuous work? Then we can recommend a solarium. This is a construction with several UV lamps and hairdryers. It allows your horse to dry more quickly after a wash or strenuous exercise. The solarium will also stimulate the horse’s blood circulation, allowing it to recover faster from the same exercise. In addition, good blood flow often gives your horse a nice shiny skin.

Why you should choose WIKO for your livestock housing in Brussels

For your stable equipment in Brussels, De Wit Konstruktie (WIKO) is the place to be. We take care of your entire stable layout, including horse stables, up to the production of saddle boxes. Your wishes are our focus. As a result, you benefit from many advantages with us:

We have our own workshop and can therefore deliver quickly.
In our showroom, you can see our range for yourself and sometimes even take it with you straight away.
Do you need help with assembly or foundations? Even then we can help you.
All our employees are well-trained and our company has 40 years of experience.
Because we use the best materials, your purchase in Brussels will last for many years.

The extensive offer of De Wit Konstrukties

Did you know that we have our own factory where we can customise all products for you? For example, if you require a certain size or colour of a certain product, this is no problem. When it comes to barn equipment, in addition to the aforementioned products, we also offer the following: We also have a showroom, where you can view and try out almost our entire range. We can also sit down together to discuss the possibilities.

Realise a paddock for your horses

A paddock can do your horses tremendous good. This structure can be installed either inside or outside your stable. A paddock involves enclosing a certain piece of land with fences and a gate. The standard size is 235 cm wide, but this can of course vary according to your needs. A paddock can be used to let your horse lunge, graze or move freely. For both training purposes and taking rest, this construction is therefore an ideal solution for your horse. A big advantage is that the fences are easy to (dis)assemble. This means that moving around is easy and you can use the same paddock all year round.

Contact us for barn fittings for your stable in Brussels?

Are you interested in the many options we have for you in Brussels when it comes to barn equipment? If so, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone at 0172-608893, or you can send an e-mail to Of course, we would also like to see you in our showroom, where you can see all our barn equipment. Whatever your requirement, from paddocks to horse walker and from stall hatches to a pent roof for your stable, De Wit Konstrukties is at your service in Brussels.