Horse boxes

For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

  • Short delivery time
  • Best quality
  • Best price
  • Great service

Horse boxes according to your wishes

If you want the best for your horse(s), you will grant them horse boxes from De Wit Konstruktie (WIKO). We have been making stalls ourselves for more than 40 years, with quality being our top priority. Our first customers are still using their stalls. Moreover, we believe it is important to think along with our customers. As a horse owner, we listen carefully to you so that we can optimise our horse boxes. For example, we have extendable ones, which allow you to easily clean up manure. Discover our offer quickly!

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About our horse boxes

At WIKO, you will find stalls for both indoor and outdoor use. They are very similar, although it goes without saying that the outdoor stalls have a roof. You can opt for a saddleback or pent roof and a roof covering of your choice. Furthermore, we list a few things about our horse boxes for you:

  • Our horse boxes are easy to (dis)assemble.
  • You can simply put several boxes together without affecting the solidity of the structure.
  • With us, you can choose between extendable, closed or hinged walls.
  • A box from us comes with a double bottom on the walls as standard. This guarantees you a longer lifespan.
  • In addition, we work with a 50/40 tube and a 40 mm U-profile as standard for more safety and sturdiness.

As our horse boxes are made to measure, they can be laid out exactly as you wish. We are happy to think along with you on this.

Choose custom-made horse boxes

Why do you actually ask WIKO to make your horse boxes and not another company? Simple, because we offer you the best quality, and that’s not all:

  • In our factory, we produce custom-made boxes
  • We can deliver quickly
  • We also have standard boxes in stock
  • We can also lay the foundations for you
  • You will enjoy our horse boxes for many years

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Some of our horse boxes are available from stock. Sizes from 2.5 metres to 4 metres are part of our standard work. You are welcome to come and take a look at it in our showroom. If you prefer custom-made work, we can deliver a horsebox to your specifications, galvanised and all, within a few weeks. We listen to your wishes and think along with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good service

Not only do we help you find the best horse stables, we can also help you with assembly. You can rely on the knowledge of our experienced employees. They will be happy to provide you with expert advice. We are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and find a suitable solution.

Fast delivery

We have our own factory. This allows us to deliver your horse stable within a few weeks. Several models from our showroom are available immediately. Moreover, we already have some of the horse stables in stock.

Best Quality

Because the structures and materials we use are made of the best materials, we can offer you quality products that you will enjoy for years to come. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying horse boxes, saddle boxes, training mills, fencing and other products for stable equipment and everything that comes with it.

Would you like to get in touch?

Did you already know that we at WIKO also have a showroom that you can visit? You can then view our standard horse boxes, which start at sizes from 2.5 to 4 metres. If you want other sizes, we can make them for you within a few weeks. Do you have any questions for us or would you like a no-obligation quote? If so, please feel free to contact one of our professionals by phone: 0348-401479. You can also send an e-mail to or leave a message via our online contact form. For the finest and best horse boxes, you have to come to us!