Indoor stables

For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

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Stable your horse indoors

If you like to board your horse safely and dry, then De Wit Konstruktie’s (WIKO) indoor stables are a perfect solution. We have been making horse boxes, saddle boxes and paddocks for horse lovers for more than 40 years. We can also supply you with accessories. Because we are in constant dialogue with our customers, we try to tailor our items to your needs. For example, we can supply you with indoor stables with extendable walls, making manure shovelling a lot easier. What can we do for you?


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About our indoor stables

At our company, quality comes first. That is why we use the best materials when building your indoor sheds. For example, we work with a 50/40 tube and a 40 mm U-profile as standard. This allows us to guarantee solidity. This is not only safe for you, but also for your horse. Furthermore, we supply our boxes with a double bottom on the walls for extra solidity. In short, we do our utmost to deliver your indoor stables as sturdy and safe as possible. You will enjoy our stable for many years!

Do you want customisation?

As standard, we have several indoor stables in stock, available for immediate delivery. You can view them in our showroom. They are 2.5 metres and this increases by 25 cm to 4 metres. If you want other sizes or have specific requirements, we will be happy to think along with you on this. With us:

  • You can always order non-standard sizes and we can deliver in various colours
  • You can choose from closed, extendable or swing-out walls
  • We ensure that your shed is always galvanised
  • Indoor sheds are always easy to assemble and dismantle
  • We can also help you lay the right foundations

The above gives you an idea of our capabilities. Would you like to know whether we can realise your design or wishes? Then contact us and our specialists will be happy to tell you more.

How to get in touch?

Would you like to know more about our indoor stables? Do you have any specific questions for us and would like to speak to us in person? Then please contact us by phone on 0172-608893. Prefer to send an e-mail? Then we can be reached at or via the online contact form found on our site. As soon as we receive your message, we will try to reply as soon as possible. You want the best for your horse(s). Therefore, give them sturdy and high-quality indoor stables from WIKO.

Good service

We not only help you get the best indoor sheds, we can also help you with assembly. You can rely on the knowledge of our experienced employees. They will be happy to provide you with expert advice. We are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and find a suitable solution.

Best Quality

Because the structures and materials we use are made of the best materials, we can offer you quality products that you will enjoy for years to come. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying horse boxes, saddle boxes, training mills, fencing and other products for stable equipment and everything that comes with it.