Outdoor stables

For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

  • Short delivery time
  • Best quality
  • Best price
  • Great service

For a safe stay

If you want to make your horse feel safe, you would do well to buy outdoor stables from De Wit Konstruktie (WIKO). Our quality is very good. Anyone who bought a box from us 40 years ago will probably still enjoy it today. Because we are horse lovers ourselves and talk a lot to other horse owners, we can think along with you in the best possible way. For example, we make extendable indoor and outdoor stables, which saves you a lot of time mucking out. Find out quickly what is possible!


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Exterior doors and stable shutters

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More about outdoor stables

Your horse is sheltered in its own stable, whether outdoors or indoors. We supply a number of standard models, which you can view in our showroom. In addition, we can supply custom-made models. Our outdoor stables include:

  • Made of the best materials, such as a 40 mm U-profile and a 50/40 tube.
  • Provided with a double underside on the walls for extra strength
  • 2.5 metres tall and this can go up to 4 metres (customisation is also possible)
  • Available with closed, extendable or swing-out walls
  • Made of galvanized steel (applies to all outdoor stables)
  • Equipped with a pent roof or saddle roof with roofing of your choice
  • Easy to (dis)assemble and no matter how many you connect together for the structure

Our high-quality stables

With us, you are not just buying outdoor stables. You are buying a home for your horse(s). Then you want everything to be just right. We guarantee you a top-quality product that will last for years. But that is not the only thing you can count on:

  • We have very attractive and competitive rates.
  • You always get free advice and a quotation without any obligation.
  • Customisation is always possible and we do this in our own factory.
  • We can also take care of the foundations.
    If you want outdoor stables quickly, we can also deliver from stock.


Good service

We not only help you find the best horse stables, we can also help you with assembly. You can rely on the knowledge of our experienced employees. They will be happy to provide you with expert advice. We are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and find a suitable solution.

Fast delivery

We have our own factory. This allows us to deliver your horse stable within a few weeks. Several models from our showroom are available immediately. Moreover, we already have some of the horse stables in stock.

Best quality

Because the structures and materials we use are made of the best materials, we can offer you quality products that you will enjoy for years to come. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying horse boxes, saddle boxes, training mills, fencing and other products for stable equipment and everything that comes with it.

We would like to tell you more
Are you thinking about buying outdoor stables for your horse(s)? Or would you first like to know more, such as the cost? Then we invite you to visit our showroom. You can then see for yourself which models we supply. We will also be happy to tell you what customisation options are available. For this, you may also call us: 0172-608893.. Would you prefer to e-mail us? Then you can leave a message via our online contact form or you can send an e-mail to info@wikobox.nl. We hope to make new outdoor stables for you soon!