For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

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View our range of feeders for your horse here. We offer top quality regular feeders and so-called slow feeders.


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Feeding trough for your horse from WIKO

Feed your horse with a trough or slow feeder from WIKO

There are different types of ways to feed your horse. For example, there are regular feeders where your horse can set its own eating pace. Besides the standard mangers, we also offer slowfeeders. In these feeding systems, your horse is forced to eat at a leisurely pace. This makes these slow feeders ideal for autumn and winter when your horse has to be stabled for longer periods. We will be happy to advise you on which option is best suited for you. Thanks to our 40 years of experience with horses, we know exactly what you and your horse need.

Top quality and service for your horse

We at WIKO are happy to offer you a suitable solution and the best possible service.

  • A feed trough or slow feeder at the right height for your horse and tailored to your needs
  • We have 40 years of experience with everything to do with horses and their equipment and supply feeding systems that are easy to use
  • Our high quality ensures that your WIKO product will last for years and your horse will enjoy many meals


The right feeder for your horse

If you are interested in a new feeding system, one of our experienced staff will be happy to provide you with expert advice. Not only the type of feeding trough or slow feeder is important, but also its placement. For instance, it is very important that your horse does not have to adopt an unnatural position while eating. Here, too, we are happy to help you find the best solution. We have over 40 years of experience in supplying everything to do with horses. At WIKO, you are guaranteed quality and craftsmanship.

Contact WIKO for a trough or slow feeder

To see which feeders and slow feeders WIKO offers, please visit our showroom. For questions, you can always contact one of our expert staff without obligation by calling 0172-608893 or by sending an e-mail to Of course, you can also fill in our online contact form. We will then respond as soon as possible with appropriate information about our products and prices.