WIKO is the specialist for barn equipment for your stable in Den Bosch

For more than 40 years, De Wit Konstruktie(WIKO) has been a supplier of horse stables, training mills, fencing and other horse-related products.

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Choose customised barn equipment from WIKO for your barn in Den Bosch

Are you looking for custom-made livestock housing equipment in Den Bosch? Then take a look at what De Wit Konstruktie has to offer. Customisation is our main focus: we think along with you and try to realise your wishes. For new stall fittings, you can think of horse boxes, fences, saddle boxes, stable hatches, outside doors, training mills, a solarium or a washing area. You can also choose stable hatches, external doors, a gable roof or pent roof for your stable.

Create a paddock or exerciser for your horses

A paddock and a training mill have similarities but are not the same thing. Both constructions enclose a particular piece of land that horses can walk in without the possibility of escaping. The difference is in what is inside this construction. In a paddock, there is nothing in the middle and so the horse can walk around freely, graze and lunge. A training mill has a pole in the middle to which automatic float arms are mounted. These have a maximum length of 17.5 metres. This ensures that up to six horses can enter the exerciser at the same time. The speed of the floating arms can of course be adjusted very easily. This can vary from 0 to 35 km/hour. The frequency in which the direction of rotation is alternated can also be changed. By default, the floating arms are set to change direction every six minutes.


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horse boxes

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Exterior doors and stable shutters

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Our speciality: horse stalls

We mainly sell horse stalls – both standard models and custom-made stall equipment. Here, we pay great attention to sturdiness and safety. Among other things, we use 50/40 tubes, 40 mm U-profiles and place double bottom edges on the walls. This makes our stables in Den Bosch last for many years. You can easily (dis)assemble each box, making it easy to move or expand. We offer both indoor and outdoor specimens (with roof and roofing of your choice) in Den Bosch.

Take good care of your horse with a solarium or wash bay

Taking good care of your horse also includes a good wash. You can do this by using a wash bay. This construction has a washing post and a drainage mat. This mat absorbs the water and prevents a layer of water from accumulating in the washing area. The built-in dividing wall allows for modular construction: one washing area can be connected to another without much effort. After this, you can use the solarium. This is a structure that the horses can stand between and which acts as a kind of sun bed. WIKO’s solarium contains special lamps and fans. So one of its functions is to dry the horse after a wash or a heavy effort, for example. The solarium can also be used to optimise the horse’s blood circulation: this is done by the special UV lamps. Due to the better blood flow, blood sugars are absorbed faster, resulting in faster recovery from any damage caused by (many) exercises.

Fit your stable in Den Bosch with a gable roof or pent roof

It is important that your stables look solid. A dilapidated building with overdue maintenance will not give you any energy. Certainly not because you then have to take into account that you still have a lot to do here. The shutters and exterior doors for your stable in Den Bosch are a good solution for this. After all, you may also have visitors coming into your barn: a possible buyer or an inspector, or someone else. It is then also important to make a good impression and have a clean and good-looking stable. But the appearance of the stable is not the only focal point. For instance, the health of the horses is also important and impressionable. For example, consider a stable where the horses are in draft. This can make them catch colds and get sick. This can be solved by using stable shutters and outside doors. But things like a leak or mould can also be disastrous for a horse’s health. And this usually happens through the roof. Therefore, make sure you have a good roof. For example, in the form of a pent roof or a saddle roof from De Wit Konstrukties (WIKO). Whatever you choose: both standard sizes and custom-made variants are supplied by us in Den Bosch.

For storage and movement

Our stable equipment goes beyond building horse stables. We also supply you with supplies to store your saddles. It is no fun having saddles lying around everywhere and nowhere. They can get in the way when you are mucking out, but you can also lose them all the time. Both are pretty annoying. The saddle lockers from De Wit Konstrukties (WIKO) are the solution: you can store your saddle as well as other accessories such as buckets and brushes. For extra convenience, we also supply versions that can be moved thanks to the wheels under the cabinet.

Our stable design in Den Bosch?

Are you convinced of our expertise, craftsmanship and eye for quality? Then you can contact us for more information or a no-obligation quotation for your barn design. To do so, please call 0348-401479 or email info@wikobox.nl. You can also leave a message via our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible about your livestock housing equipment. Whatever you are looking for in Den Bosch, we will make it happen. Choose your De Wit Konstrukties: from horse stables to horse walker and from stable hatches to solarium: leave the stable furnishing for your stable in Den Bosch to our specialists!